Social Media for Attorneys and Law Firms

 Social Media for Lawyers

The business of law practice has always been driven by community reputation and word-of-mouth.  In today’s digital age, this “community” has significantly shifted towards social media platforms and prominent ratings sites.  While your professional, optimized website serves as the anchor of your online presence, it is social media that increasingly serves to alert and educate the public as to your presence, expertise, and availability.

In particular, Facebook continues to develop and refine the ways in which online professional identities are forged.  A well-conceived and maintained Facebook presence can quickly produce exponential leaps in your practice visibility in the eyes of local and national consumers searching for qualified counsel.

In the contemporary marketplace, social media marketing presents very unique outreach opportunities, but carries with it particular pitfalls for attorneys.  Mike recently completed a 6-course Specialization in Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University that positions us to offer cost-effective, highly targeted social media marketing programs.  We can develop and implement social media marketing programs for your practice that will connect you with potential clients, and successfully nurture those connections until your high-value targets are ready to retain counsel.

Available Social Media Solutions for Attorneys


  • Facebook Class Action Settlement Pages
  • Case-Specific Facebook Pages
  • Page “Boost” Campaigns
  • Facebook Post and Moderation
  • Targeted Facebook Advertising
  • Website Widget Integration


  • Handle Selection and Account Setup
  • Profile Design and Launch
  • Account Promotion to Attract “Followers”
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Website Widget Integration


  • Profile Buildout and Optimization
  • Connection Augmentation
  • Case and Practice-Area Specific LinkedIn Groups
  • Campaigns to Grow References and Testimonials


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