Class Member Outreach provides full digital marketing and technology solutions to class action law firms to help effectively connect with class members, especially during the settlement and fee application processes.  We do this by combining an optimized, professional settlement website, together with targeted outreach through pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Online advertising in the form of pay-per-click advertising has become an indispensable component of law firm marketing strategies.  While organic search engine optimization remains essential, class action law firms who ignore paid placement on primary online destinations such as Google and Facebook risk falling short on their court-mandated obligations to connect with class members prior to settlement approval.

Use of sophisticated analytics tools such as Google Analytics now facilitate real-time, quantitative insight into website, social media, and advertising performance.  Properly harnessed, use of these analytic tools can distill class action marketing program to a virtual science, leaving little to chance.  We have the expertise and legal acumen to make optimal use of these tools to ensure unparalleled return on your advertising and marketing dollars, and ultimate approval of your fee request.

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