Class Action Websites

Class Action Websites

Class action judges are imposing heightened requirements that must accompany settlement and fee requests.  Leading this trend are new Procedural Guidelines for Class Action Settlements issued by the Northern District of California on November 1, 2018.  Specific to the guidelines is the recommendation that class counsel increase notice to class members by, among other efforts:

Class Action Marketing

We combine the expertise of an attorney with over thirty years of experience and more than ten years of online marketing expertise.  We understand the landscape and, the jargon, and the terms of art.  We know how to connect with all kinds of plaintiffs through social media.  We create WordPress websites that are highly professional with custom intake forms that are fully integrated with Salesforce.

Build and Launch Your Website

We design class action websites and with the aesthetic presence, style and functionality to meet the most exacting standards. The content we create for your law firm website and/or WordPress blog is done so creatively, but also projecting a level of professionalism usually not achieved with a web designer lacking prior experience as a practicing attorney.  With this unique hybrid background, we can create highly customized, professional content that will serve to enhance your professional reputation in the eyes of potential new clients, other attorneys both locally and nationally, and courts looking to ensure that class counsel has gone to every length to ensure an adequate settlement for class members.



In addition to pay-per-click outreach on Google and Facebook, we know how to optimize our class action websites to ensure organic visibility in the eyes of targeted class members.  Search engine traffic will drive viewers to your site.  Optimizing this traffic will ensure that you have fulfilled your notification requirements under the law.

We can now monitor and analyze virtually every aspect of your website’s performance.  Scheduled reporting will include updated optimization strategies and a clearly articulated action plan in line with your class notification objectives.


Based on the metrics of your quarterly or monthly analytics report that will include your website and/or blog, all major social media platforms, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, we will modify your website, create new content, and continue to reshape your online presence to optimize visibility.

Get started now

Our class action marketing and outreach programs start at just $10,000.00 for a class website and basic marketing plan.  To learn more, please click here to complete and submit our online inquiry form or give us a call at (415) 508-6263.

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